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TVSB's Swiss Pine Forest

Surpassing - Longevity - Resistance

Master of the forest the Swiss Pine (Pinus Cembra) is emblematic for its endurance in extrem conditions. It can sustain temperature between -40 to +40°C.

It grows up only some centimeters a year and have its first flowers when it is 60 years old! It can reach 25m but is more often bent by the winds along a ridge. Some of them are more than hundreds years old. the oldest in Switzerland are more than one thousand years old.

As its wood is soft it has been exploited for the furniture and for heating. Overexploitation caused its almost disappearance in our regions.

TVSB takes part to the developpement of the Swiss Pine in the St Bernard area.

Similarities with the trail runners are obvious and that is why we decided to creat a forest: The TVSB's Swiss Pine Forest which you can see at the entrance of La Fouly. 14 trees have been planted on the 1st October 2016 by volunteers.

Trailers, leave a long term souvenir after your race.

Sponsor a Swiss Pine and take part to the growing of our forest. Or join us next October to plant new trees.

Did you know that:

  • The highest Swiss Pine is in the area, near the descent from Orny, living at 2805m?
  • Its needles are grouped five by five instead of two by two, like in the Pine?
  • Rudents don't like it so we used it to keep cereals?
  • If you live in a room made out of its wood, your heart rate lowers and you have a better sleep?