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Back-up team

The organisers of the Verbier Saint-Bernard Trail Run have formed an association, “Les Trailers Verbier Saint-Bernard”. A race committee made up by volunteers, some trail runners, some mountain guides, all of them fond of their region and wishing to push it forward.

Race Committee

Tiphaine Artur - Co President, Head of marketing/promotion,
Marketing and promotion of the event (Press Relations, Website, Runners’ Information) Fund raising and sponsorship, Public relations

Matthieu Girard – Co President Head of Security
Course Condition and Marking, Medical Team, Safety and Security, Public relations

Magali Maret – Technical Director
Subscription, Timing, Results and Ranking

Olivier Brüggimann - Responsable commission logistisque/ravitaillement et protection de l'environnement
Gestion des postes de ravitaillement, commandes de la marchandise et du matériel, sensibilisation à l'environnement, forêt du TVSB, chef de poste Fouly.

Philippe Rossier Accounting Director

Annyck Calovini - Volunteers Director
Recherche et gesion de planning des bénévoles, collaboration avec les chefs de postes, traduction italien

Sylvie Nicollerat - Support of the direction

Organisation Committee

Patrick Gabioud - Director of the week before the race 
Vanessa Descoeudres - Head of provisioning 
Simon Wiget - Verbier tourism office Director
Gaëtan Tornay - Pays du St-Bernard tourism office Director

Enlarged committee

Commission logistique et ravitaillement

Olivier Brüggimann
Annyck Calovini
Vanessa Descoeudres
Patrick Gabioud
Sylvie Nicollerat (Coordination)


Volunteers commission
Annyck Calovini - Head of Bourg St-Pierre 
Jean Maret (Pro Senectute)

Takis Triantafyllidis - Head of Verbier
Micheline Terretaz  - Head of Sembrancher
Freddy Terrettaz - Head of Alpage du Catogne
Guillaume Voutaz - Head of Catogne
Léon Lovey - Head of Champex
Jean Nicollerat - Head of Orny
Olivier Brüggimann - Head of e La Fouly
Maëlle Frossard - Head of Col de Fenêtre
Matti Keller - Head of Col du Grand St-Bernard
Marina Yannakopoulos - Head of Liddes
Annyck Calovini - Head of  Bourg-St-Pierre
Véronique Gerbex - Head of Mille
Didier Reichenbach - Head of Brunet
Schenk Florence et Stéphane - Heads of Panossière
Thomas Delamorclaz - Head of Lourtier
Pierre-Yves Délèze - Head of La Chaux


Commission animations
Sylvie Nicollerat
Pauline Abbet (Pays du St-Bernard)
Déborah Corthay (Verbier)


Philippe May – Director Discovery Trail

Jan Troelsch - Traductions F-Allemand